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Sleeping Puppy

Bringing Home Your Furever Friend to Their Furever Home

While we are based in North Carolina, we welcome responsible buyers from across the US. In order for us to be compliant with USDA, you will have to make arrangements to meet us in North Carolina. Once you meet with us and your prospective puppy, then you can carry your new addition home with you in the passenger area of the airline carrier. For adoptive parents who are driving the distance to our home, we will try our best to meet you is a safe and convenient location in our state, schedules permitting.

Newborn Puppies

Happy and Healthy Puppies

Rest assured that whatever puppy you choose is a happy and healthy one. We will also provide Health Records for your vet visit. Your new French Bulldog puppy will be up to date on all appropriate shots and wormings.  You will be responsible for scheduling a vet check to confirm your baby is in good health, within 48 hours of pickup.  The one-year health guarantee begins from the day of birth.  

Securing health insurance prior to your first vet check is recommended.  

Current Selections

Please contact us for information on our available puppies.  Selections may include:

  • Fawn W/Black Mask
  • Brindle
  • Fawn (cream-red)
  • Cream
  • Pied (brindle & white)
  • Honey Pied
  • Fawn Pied

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We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect dog for your family and to helping you form the bond that rewards with a lifetime of love. Call or email us with any questions or concerns you may have, and we will be happy to do whatever we can to help you bring home the French bulldog you've been waiting for.

Happy Mother Dog and Puppy

Scam Alert....

Due to the proliferation of Puppy Scams, we receive calls from individuals thinking we might be a scam too. The questions are more like interrogations. It is offensive. We are not scammers, or backyard breeders. We are here for the long haul. We've been breeding only French Bulldogs since 2006 when Frenchies were 42nd in popularity. Now that they are 4th in popularity, crooks and thieves are using their price and popularity to lure more potential puppy buyers. If you are looking for a "good deal" - you probably need to do a little more research on the breed and on the breeder offering something that sounds too good to be true.

Please check out our vet references for peace of mind. Their names and phone numbers are listed on the "About Our Puppies" page.

Helping you spot a Puppy SCAM
Signs to look for that will help you spot a puppy SCAM.
Limited photo's, no phone number, email contact only, price includes shipping, priced well below average, listing, is new to a site, may include a sob story, they rarely have a website, offers unique delivery services, wants western union and not PayPal, communication is on their terms. If it sounds too good to be true.....guess what? It is.....Caveat Emptor!

New Scams have recently created sophisticated websites with "scam" alert information as well. Very impressive work. Their physical location and area codes are not consistent. Protect yourself, and beware, the emotional energy around getting a puppy, can cloud your better judgement. 

In 2008  we fell for the "it looks too good to pass up puppy, in California" -  it's embarasing to admidt, hoping for the best and ending up empty handed at the airport -  without recourse.   

Puppy Deposit $500.00


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