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About Our Puppies
About Our Puppies
Available Puppies
Available Puppies
Purchasing a Puppy
Purchasing a Puppy

Breeding French Bulldog Puppies with Love and Dedication

At GetMorePets in Shelby, NC, we raise nothing but the sweetest French Bulldog puppies. We are dedicated to each puppy, as well as our dogs, our customers, and the breed,   In the interest of bringing you the highest quality French Bulldog puppy so you can feel secure in your investment.

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Knowledge and Experience to Raise Great Dogs

As an experienced breeder of French Bulldogs, we have thoroughly researched what it takes to be a responsible dog breeder. We know the success of your match with your new puppy starts with us.

Although our customers bare the greatest responsibility in the care and training of the puppies they choose, the time the Frenchies spend with us is crucial to a stable start in life. The Frenchies we have for sale receive the best nurturing and care possible. They receive regular socialization with us, while experiencing all the normal household noises, adult mom interaction, and even the occasional sneaky cat.  

Lifetime support is included with every puppy we raise.  We are here for the longterm, our passion and mission is to become part of your adoption process and support team.

We have a deep respect for our dogs, and we take our role as a breeder of French Bulldogs very seriously. We personally handle the sale of all of our puppies, and would never trust the care and placement of them to a pet broker or pet store.  

Very simply, we know the animals there do not receive the care and attention they deserve, and we know the buyers of those puppies are not getting a pet that has been lovingly cared for and given an optimal start to life, as a companion and family member. 

AKC-Registered Puppies

All of our puppies come with registration papers for American Kennel Club (AKC).  Our french bulldog puppies are bred as companion pets and placed with limited registration.  On a rare occasion, we will place a show prospect in an experienced and proven show home.   

AKC registration gives you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a Frenchie with a documentable pedigree.  We only breed standard French Bulldog colors - we believe in maintaining the FBCA standards.  Our emphasis is not on "color", it's on breeding healthy, conformationally correct companions, with a loving dispostion.  


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