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Standing French Bulldog Puppy

Adorable Frenchies for Sale

Our nursery is full, Frenchies are eating, playing, or sleeping. Most of our little ones are claimed before their photo appears,  if we do have available puppies for sale, they may not be pictured on the Available Puppies page. We often have fawn with black masks, brindle, cream, and tri-colored pied puppies. We choose not breed for color, so if you are looking for a blue, violet, merle, or whatever the fad is.... you won't find one here.  Besides, not being recognized by AKC - (a disqualifying color)  the health issues that come with them are worth steering away from. For more information on that, speak to your veterinarian.

Black Puppy

Happy, Healthy, and Well-Socialized Puppies

We hold and handle the puppies daily, and play with them too, as a part of our puppy socialization process.   We begin the potty training process, but the heavy lifting falls on you, the new parent.   We are not a puppy mill, and we do not support them. Animals are God's creatures, and we consider them a part of our family.   

Vaccinations and Wormings

All vaccinations and wormings will be up to date upon graduation to your lap.  Puppies are  examined by our veterinarian prior to departure.  If you've reserved a puppy, you will be contacted following our veterianian exam.   Once you pick up your puppy, you will have 48 hours to have your puppy examined by your veterinarian to confirm that your puppy is in good health.

Health Guarantee

Every puppy comes with a written one-year health guarantee.  It covers life threatening defects on major organs.  We strongly suggest health insurance for your addition.  The initial investment is not the end of your financial commitment.  Maintaing a healthy companion has it's cost.

Veterinarian references are always available.  Customer references upon request. 

Cottonwood Vet. Hospital  (completes our puppy wellness checks) Dr. Eddins  704-487-5277

Boulevard Animal Hospital ( Surgeries and C-sections)               Dr. Dixon  704-482-2508

Matching the Right Owner with the Right Puppy

We are not obligated to sell or place a puppy just because you have the funds. We will only place a puppy in a home that we feel can manage the responsibility and lifetime commitment that comes with pet ownership.  A telephone interview can be scheduled to see if we are a match.

References will continue to be available for you to do your due diligence.  In return, please be prepared for us as well.  we may ask for veterinary references, photos of your fenced yard, a copy of your pet-friendly lease agreement, a history of your past and current pets and pet references.  We reserve the right to refuse placement, if we do not feel comfortable.

Two Puppies

Meeting the Dogs and Puppies

All dams and sires are here for you to meet when you come to pick up your puppy. Due to recent puppy thefts, only miles from here, we will no longer be entertaining "lookers" in person.   Visitors present a bio-hazard, so be prepared to follow our strict guidelines upon arrival.  If you would like a video, we will do our best to let you see the adults and puppies in action.   

Check Out Our Selection of Available Puppies

When adopting a puppy from us, it is on a first-come-first-served basis. If you are serious about adding a Frenchie to your family, do your due diligence and research French Bulldogs to make sure they are a good fit for you and your life style.  These are not hiking companions, more like TV companions.  


A deposit of $500 will hold the puppy of your choice until they are eight weeks of age. Please plan ahead for the arrival of your new furry family member. In the event you need to make arrangements for your baby to stay longer, a boarding fee of $25 per day, will be charged. Each puppy receives special attention, and our time is as valuable as yours. Extended stays are considered but not guaranteed.  

Please note that all deposits are nonrefundable. They are good toward the purchase of an available puppy, or one in the future. Once your deposit has been placed, you will lock in your position "in line."

Puppy Deposit $500.00


Mother and Baby Frenchies White Puppy Photogenic Puppy


Prices range from $4000 and up with limited registration.  Prices are based on a completed A+ health check.

Contact Us for Updated Litter Information

Due to the current demand, our puppies may be reserved before we get a chance to post photos. The best way to stay in touch is via email or text.  If you do not hear back within 24 hours, then your email ended up in our junk mailbox. We will respond to every question regarding the adoption process and all of your Frenchie questions. If you are interested in a specific puppy that is on our site, email or call us to confirm availibility.

Litter Colors

As an unspoken rule, we are delighted to see and nurture a parti mix of colors in each litter. Most litters have the potential to produce fawn, cream, pied, brindle, or tricolored pied. We don't any non standard French Bulldog colors.  

Health and Security

Notice to "lookers." We no longer allow prospective parents to come and "look" at the parents and puppies due to the health and security risks. We will, however, send you a video of the dogs or puppies you would like to see. Our dogs take priority over your desires in this situation. Special precautions are taken when puppies are picked up as well. We will provide shoe covers, hand sanitizer, and protective outerwear. Think of it as a visit to a neonatal clinic.

Puppy Looking Straight Adorable Frenchies Tricolored Puppy

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