Frenchie Fashion

This page was last updated: August 29, 2017
We are here to tempt you with unique, one of a kind, Frenchie Fashions.  We already know that you have good taste, admire things that turn heads, are well built and exceptional.    Our French Bulldog Fashion items will cater to you and your little friend...........
                         "The French Bulldog".

Over the shoulder one of a kind cashmere purse.  It's lined with a  cotton chevron print to give your contents security.  The cream French Bulldog is needle felted.  The shoulder strap is braided wool roving.  Not only will you be sporting a wonderful piece of art, but you will be displaying your environmental sensitivity with this up cycled purple sweater. Sold
Simple Frenchie Spring Shoulder Bag.  Wool Plaid exterior, with a fun and paw friendly print to compliment your happy face and happy feeling.

Woven shoulder strap allows you to be hands free for anything.  Dog walks or Dog food shopping.

$45.00 Includes Shipping.#002
Wearable art, sculpture of a Frenchie waiting for a treat or a look of love.  This cashmere exterior is sporting a Creme Frenchie that has been Needle Felted by Susan Wiley, the "Frenchie/French Bulldog Breeder"  This face was inspired by a now retired girl named Princess Holland.  The Wool shoulder strap is longer than needed, so you can knot it to your desired length.  It's soft and fuzzy fleece lining, protects your keys from poking through the knit, and keeps your hands warm when it's cold outside. 

$75.00 Includes Shipping. #003
I'm often asked:  How long did it take you to do that?  As an artist/designer/creator/sculptor.....etc.  I avoid thinking about that.  If I charged by the hour, I might come out ahead.  But I do it for the love of "creating and expressing" and want to share my dog addiction with those that appreciate it.

But, I'll give you an idea.  The top purse on the purple sweater consumed over 45 hours of my time.  So if you like what you see, in any of these pieces, you are getting a labor of love, that is intended to be loved and shared.

We will be adding additional dog related items soon.  Look for hand knit sweaters for your pooch with the option of a matching scarf for you.  Puppy toys that have passed the puppy play test here in the kitchen nursery and French Bulldog Fashion Clothing.

We know the bulldog body is a little harder to dress, so we are looking to help you clothe your baby in a custom fitted wardrobe.
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