Placed Puppies in their
 New Homes
Future Litters 
The Boys
Our Girls
 Placed Puppies

- Lili -  
Click the link above to see Maxwell in Action, it is too precious for words.
- Spike -  
Midge at Play and at Rest 
My First Trip to the Mountains
Resting to play.
Dolly, getting ready for a nap.
Hi Susan!

I just want you to know that I have gotten SO many compliments on Doogie.  All of the vets and vet students who have seen him, think he is a terrific specimen of a frenchie and are very impressed with his breeding - and I couldn't agree more!

I just thought you'd like to know!


Doogie with his new family in Pennsylvania
Daisy and Haas 
Daisy and Haas 
.....there's no place like home....there is no place like home......... we love it here in North Wilksboro, NC with our new Mommy and Daddy!

Petunia loves her new family in Corcord, NC
Dottie is loved by her new furry and feathered friends in Port Angeles, Washington
.....she has been busy getting ready for 
canine kindergarden 
Reggie now lives in New York and  loves his new comrad Winston.    
Daughter of Lucy and Gunner
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 Bosch now lives in Wisconson....
Spartacus AKA Sparty~ with his new family in North Carolina