Puppies are here and more are on the way.  

What does all of this mean to you?  It means that it's time to make a commitment and begin preparation for your new family member.  It means that puppies will be looking to change their address and claim you and your chair as their own.  When? .... they are 8 weeks old.  That will give you time to stock up on doggy stuff, and tune into Ceaser's TV show, locate a veterinarian or touch base with your current vet.  Study up on the brachycephalic requirements and .....wait.

Just think, you could be posting cute photos of your newest "Love", and showing off your baby on Facebook..   I'll be happy to keep you updated weekly on your puppy's growth, via video.  Move over, and get ready to share your chair, sofa, lap, and life with your Next Best Friend.  NBF

With or without puppies in the nursery, we won't  be allowing visitors. The puppies and our dogs health and safety take precedence.  We will do all we can with video and photo's to help you make a selection.  No puppy sale is going to make us compromise their health, or the health of future generations.   

We handle the puppies daily, and play with them when they get to that stage of development.  We want you to adopt a well socialized and playful friend.  We are not a puppy mill, and we don't support them.  Animals are God's creatures and we consider them part of our family.

All Dams and Sires are here for you to meet and see when you come.  

We are dedicated to breeding only French Bulldogs and offering a lifetime of support to our Frenchie Families.

All puppies are registered or register-able with AKC.  All vaccinations and deworming's will be up to date, they all have a health check completed by my veterinarian prior to their adoption.   You will be required to take the puppy to the vet of your choice within 48 hours to confirm that the puppy is in excellent health.

Every puppy comes with a Written One Year Health Guarantee.  

If you are not driving distance to Shelby, North Carolina,  you can make flight arrangements for you and your new puppy.  We do not ship puppy's in the cargo section, and we do not ship puppies prior to you seeing your selection, meeting us, and confirming that your baby is in good health.

We are located between Charlotte and Asheville.  Allow an hour's drive time from Charlotte,  If our schedule allows, we are happy to meet you part way, and save you on drive time.    

Since moving to Shelby I've taken my dogs to Dr. Eddins here in Shelby at Cottonwood .  Prior to that, Dr. Anton and his staff at Healthypetz handled all of my veterinary needs in Morganton.  

.....Cottonwood Veterinary Hospital in Shelby, NC  704-487-5277
.....Healthypetz  Veterinary Clinic in Morganton, NC  828-437-4524

If an extention is requested beyond the 8 week birthday, additional fees will be applied.  Please adjust your schedules and allow us 4 weeks notice of any extension requested.  A request is not a guarantee.  Our schedules are already full, and we need to make arrangements on our end as well.  Thank you in advance for keeping us aware of any scheduling conflicts or changes.  We will do everything we can, to make sure the puppies best interests are first at hand.

One final note on the new USDA definition of a "Retail Pet Store".....because of this new law, we must continue to allow you, your potential puppy and 'getmorepets' to meet and allow you to view your puppy selection prior to final payment.   

Thank you for considering one of our babies.

We're happy to reply to your emails and questions.   Please allow us time to respond, and if you don't hear from us, it might be because your email ended up in the junk folder.  So give us a call 704-718-7187.
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 Placed Puppies

Scam Alert.... due to the proliferation of Puppy Scams, we've been getting calls from individuals thinking we might be a scam too.  The questions are more like interrogations.  It is offensive.  We are not scammers, or backyard breeders.   We are here for the long haul.  We've been breeding only French Bulldogs since 2006 when Frenchies were 42ND in popularity.  Now that they are 9th, crooks and thieves are using their price and popularity to lure more potential puppy buyers.
Please check out our  vet references for peace of mind. Their names and phone numbers are listed below.                                   
Helping you spot a Puppy SCAM
Signs to look for that will help you spot a puppy SCAM.
Limited photo's, no phone number, email contact only, price includes shipping, priced well below average, listing is new to a site, may include a sob story, they rarely have a website, offers unique delivery services, wants western union and not PayPal, communication is on their terms.  If it sounds too good to be true.....guess what?  It is.....Caveat Emptor!

New Scams have sophisticated websites with "scam" alert information as well.  Very impressive work.  Their physical location and area codes are not consistent.  Protect yourself, and beware.