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Breeding French Bulldog Puppies With Love & Dedication 

We raise nothing but the sweetest pets at our North Carolina, French Bulldog puppy nursery.   At GetMorePets we are dedicated to our dogs, our puppies, our customers and our breed; it's all in the interest of bringing you the best North Carolina French bulldog puppies for sale so that you and your dog can feel secure in your investment in a new pet and a lifetime of love.

The Knowledge And Experience To Raise great Pets

As an experienced breeder of AKC registered French Bulldogs and APRI registered French Bulldogs, we have thoroughly researched what it takes to be a responsible dog breeder.  We know that the success of your match with your new French bulldog puppy starts with us and with what we do here.  

Although our customers bear the greatest responsibility in the care and training of the French bulldog puppies they take home, we know that the time the frenchies for sale here spend with us is crucial to a good, stable start in life.  To give our North Carolina French bulldog puppies for sale at our nursery the best possible start to life as companion animals, we socialize them each and every day, spending time holding them, handling them, and playing with them.

We have a deep respect for our dogs, and we take our role as breeder of AKC registered French bulldogs  very seriously.  We personally handle the sale of all of our French bulldog puppies, and would never trust the care and placement of our pets to a pet broker or pet store.  Very simply, we know the animals there do not get the care and attention that we will give them, and we know that the buyers of those dogs are not getting a pet that has been lovingly cared for and given the optimal start to life as a companion and family member.  Lifetime support is included with every puppy we raise.

On Registrations & More

We do believe in registering our French bulldog puppies as a mechanism for maintaining responsible breed standards and preserving the integrity of the breed.  While we do believe in the importance and value of pet registrations, we also believe in the right of pet owners to keep high-quality pets, whether or not for show, and so we offer AKC registered French bulldogs.

Helping You Bring Your Forever Friend To His Forever Home

While we are based in North Carolina, we welcome responsible buyers from across the U.S.A.   In order for us to be compliant with the new USDA rulings, you will have to make arrangements to meet us here in  North Carolina.  Once you meet with us and your prospective puppy, then you can carry your new addition home with you in the passenger area of your airline carrier.  For adoptive parents that are driving distance to our home, we will try our best to meet you part way at a convenient location in our state, schedules permitting.  For those who are close by, we have welcomed you to our North Carolina French bulldog nursery and invited you to meet the dams and sires, and choose your new friend and family member. In the future, we will do this via video or photo.  The security risk and health risk of public exposure has been reevaluated and it has been found, that public access by appointment is no longer our policy.  We regret that innocent puppies have fallen prey to criminals.

Rest assured, that whatever puppy you do choose is a happy and healthy one.  We will also provide veterinary records and references upon request, and you will bring your new French bulldog puppy home with all appropriate shots and health checks, as well as a health certificate and a one year health guarantee.

We have a variety of frenchies for sale now on the website, and as new litters become available you can view them here on this site, too.  Our selections include fawn with black masks, brindle, cream, pied (piebald), white, and tri-colored pied.  If you do not see a dog that strikes your interest, please do ask as we often have more that have just not yet made it onto the site, and new litters are often 'in the works'. 

We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect dog for your home, and to helping you form the bond that rewards with a lifetime of love.  Please call or email us with any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to do whatever we can to help you bring home the French bulldog you've been waiting for!

Our Nursery is full, and our baby bullies are either eating, playing or sleeping.   Most of our little ones are claimed before their photo's appear, but if we do have an available puppy, they will be pictured on the Available page.  We often have Fawn with Black Masks, Brindle,  Cream and Tri-Colored Pied to choose from.  We choose not to breed for color only, so if you are looking for a blue frenchie, you won't find it here.  We think they are beautiful, but the health issues that come with the blue are worth steering away from.  For more information on that, talk to your vet.  

We hold and handle the puppies daily, and play with them too when they get to that stage.  We want you to adopt a happy, healthy and  well socialized friend.   We are not a puppy mill, and we don't support them.  We do not sell to pet stores or pet brokers.  Animals are God's creatures and we consider them part of our family.

All Dams and Sires are here for you to meet  when you come pick up your new puppy.
Due to recent puppy thefts, only miles from here.  I will no longer be entertaining "lookers" in person. If you'd like a video of the adults I'll do my best to let you see the adults and puppies in action.  References will continue to be available, so you can do your breeder prescreening.  In return, please be prepared for me as well. I may ask for a veterinary reference, pictures of your fenced yard,  a copy of your pet friendly lease agreement, personal references and a history of your past and current pets. 
I am not obligated to sell or place a puppy, just because you have the funds.  I will only place a puppy in a home that I feel can manage the responsibility and lifetime commitment that comes with pet ownership.  

We are dedicated to breeding ONLY French Bulldogs.  

All Puppies are registerable with AKC.  All vaccinations and worming's will be up to date, and examined by my veterinarian prior to departure.  You will have 48 hours to have your puppy examined by your veterinarian to confirm that your puppy is in good health.  

To become more familiar with APRI, here's the link  www.aprpets.org
AKC, CKC and UKC recognize APRI, so you may dual or multi- register these puppies if you desire.

Every puppy comes with a Written One Year Health Guarantee.

Customer and Veterinarian References are always available. 

We do accept PayPal and Venmo   

 Deposits will hold the puppy of your choice until the adoption date. Puppies don't leave here until they are at least 8 weeks of age.  Your balance is due at that time as well.
Deposits are non-refundable.

our email address is getmorepets@msn.com
Phone: 704-718-7187

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